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It's Launch Day! 

NOvember 7th 2018 

Our new company launches today and I am feeling so emotional about it. 

I am excited. Nervous. Proud. And so happy. 

In 2013 I launched a dream of working for myself and creating beautiful events. Almost 6 years and lots of life changing events later, my company has turned into a reputable place to turn to for your wedding planning needs.

I could write forever about our reason for the name change. However, the bottom line comes to this word; growth.

I have always lived my life in some sort of spotlight. Be it on the soccer field, leading a classroom and now a business owner. Reflecting and growing has always been a part of who I am. My story and my growth has always been so public, that if I were to stay stagnant I'd get labeled as so. The soccer player who didn't refine her skills, the teacher who was boring or the entrepreneur who never evolved herself or business.

This is never an option for me.

"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning." - Benjamin Franklin

So without further ado, I introduce to you Aisle & Co.

Coming up with a vision for the company was easy (again, that public growth thing). As a company we reflected on our social media, our processes and reviews. We were honest with ourselves and made changes where they needed to be made.

One change that needed to be done was the amount of hats I wear. I am a control freak. Go figure. But wearing the "boss" hat has never been my strong suit. In fact, it is a wonder that I am just realizing this. 

As a team all agreed, I was not going to be our "boss" in this new brand.

Senior Planner, Courtney Heibel is kicking off this rebrand as Chief Operating Officer of Aisle & Co. She will use her administrative skills she gained in previous industries to run the behind the scenes of Aisle & Co.

As for me, I'm still owner. I just wear one less hat.


The Process Is As Important As The Day
Just as you have one wedding day, you only have one wedding planning experience that you will remember forever. We know this. It is important to us. So we not only strive to create a memorable day, but process.

Weddings Are Unique To Each Couple
Sounds cliche. But we strive to ensure that we are dynamic. We do not want to get stuck in the trends, or be compliant to the industry. We seek clients that push our limits and challenge us to be different. Because like your love story, your wedding should be different and unique.

Coordination And Execution
We pride ourselves in our day of coordination abilities. We truly believe we provide an invaluable experience on the day of your wedding. Along with the execution of the day of tasks, we strive to ensure that leading up to the day you see how everything will be handled and taken care of.

Collaboration Over Competition
Our goal is to work with vendors to create the most cost effective and seamless experience. We do not have a heart of competition or greed. We want to provide all of the best options to you and your unique day. We do not have preferred vendors. We have vendor relationships and trust that in hopes will benefit you on your wedding day.

We Are A Team
Together, my staff and I will be there for you throughout the entire process. Being a "firm" provides a unique experience. We have a team of planners, admin assistants, copy writers and wedding day assistants who all have a hand in your perfect experience.


So this is us, as real as it gets. We are so excited for our new journey. Please do not hesitate to share your excitement with us! Aisle & Co. is official. A Columbus based wedding planning, designing and coordination dream team.


Thanks for sharing this with us!

- The Aisle & Co. Team.

Our Philosophy 

Although, we have a fresh new look and some new roles around the office, we are still the same company with the same core values. Our company was founded on building relationships with our clients, vendors and each other. And that is the foundation of who we are. 

Follow our journey from behind the scenes to daily updates over on our instagram account. We can't wait to share our story with you.